Sunday, August 16, 2009

And now for the questions (inspired by Todd Harrison at, the best financial website I have come in contact with, one that all of you with that yearning, that economic burning, should consult—Yes, I do write for them, for free, obviously, you crazy conspiracy theorists!):

--Can anyone else wait for the phrase underinvested to morph into overinvested?

-- Inflation or Deflation—yea, you give it a try, THE most difficult economic question on the books?

--Could it be that deflation does, as many have predicted, precede inflation? I am one that believes previous inflation when credit was expanding greatly this decade was much HIGHER than reported. That seems like the reverse.

--Will Jim Cramer, a man who recently referred to himself as an “Investment Titan”, ever quit his day job?

--What is the future of media? I am proud, and thankful to support independent media sources as mainstream news makes me feel like I am living in North Korea, not quite.

--Wasn’t monopoly the greatest board game you’ve ever played?

--Can gold break $1000 without a significant selloff in bond prices, a rise in yields?

--Speaking of North Korea, isn’t it cool, despite the reality that he’s really no different from the rest of them, that we are able to call in the Viceroy, Mr. Bill Clinton, to go to North Korea, and pull out two enslaved Americans! Dusty Bill, highly likeable guy, apparently even to the North Koreans. I still stay up at night picturing his opening line on Kim Jong-il. Did he go with a John Wayne? Robert De’Niro? Maybe a Jack Nicholson? Ahh, too tough to venture.

--If the Republican’s wanted to gain Congressional seats (as we know they do) isn’t is common knowledge that they need to abandon the moral platform, run with this deficit thing, and grab the fiscally concerned, independent middle, unsatisfied by the Democratic response to this nation’s travailles?

--Are we on the cusp of a migration shift, namely those in Central America, previously glorifying this nation, heading back home, due to the new reality, as my own ears have heard, the “Bills keep going higher, but work is hard to find?”

--Is it time to buy land in Central America, Guatemala perhaps?

--Can we all just be partly happy that Sheila Bair has fundamental problems with the Obama administration giving the Federal Reserve, a private entity, that has the unique privilege of selling us money it is cleared to create (yes, out of thin air!), more power, power, power.

--“What’s that honey? Yea, yea yea,” I guess I’ll stop now.

Till next time, John Cassimatis, Your Midnight Rambler, signing off…

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